Hot Rod Classifieds Done Right.

newspaper classifiedsClassifieds as they are today, suck. They are essentially useless, as they are replaced by better, cheaper ways to sell things; Craigslist and eBay come to mind. But are these sites the end-all-be-all of buying and selling? Not when it comes to hot rods, customs and motorcycles. When was the last time you thought to yourself “eBay is perfect” or “Craigslist is perfect”? Never, right?

You spend hours digging for a 1933 Ford roadster, but have to search for every permutation of this, along with 1934 models, and “antique car”, and “old car”, etc. Then you have to search for each of these on the local site, then expand your search to surrounding towns, etc. It’s very, very painful.

Plus, when someone lists a match for your search, you don’t know, as Craigslist won’t send you a notification! Grr. At least eBay handles this major item.

I’ve had these pains, and many, many more (try searching for specific parts for aforementioned hot rod!), so I’ve decided to build a better classifieds site, which will allow you to drill into specifics of what you’re looking for; whether it be a hot rod, custom/kustom or motorcycle:


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