Volare Clip Wheelbase Question



Great Youtube videos on the Volare installation.

I have a 58 Ford and have a 72 Volare for it.

I have read the dimensions from the 53 and the 58 wheel base and they are both 110 inches.

I am making an assumption in that the Install of the Volare will be close to the same.

However I have read and heard that the Volare has to be moved forward 1 inch.

What do you think? Move forward an inch or leave it as the same as the original front end?




Hi Clive,
The reason we move the wheelbase an inch is 95% cosmetic. From the factory, the 53-56 F-100’s have the front wheel centerline set back an inch in the wheel well.
I think if you view your truck in profile and the front wheel isn not centered (and that it is not due to damage, of course!), then you could do some measuring, photo mock-ups, etc. and see if moving forward a bit would help things.
Take care, and good luck!


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