Volare Clip Alignment Question


Whats up Ben.? My name is Aaron Olson and I live in Minot ND.? Not too far from you.? Your youtube videos have been a big help with my grafting a 77 lebaron front end to my 55 f100.? The frame is clean and notched and the clip is ready to be tacked but we are having trouble centering everything up.? I was wondering if you had any measurements or advice for getting this thing square.? I am moving the center of the wheel 1 inch forward like you did.? Would you be able to pull a measurement to the a arm bracket, say from the rear spring perch rivet holes.? We tore into the clip before marking center.? We have the frame marked but as you know the clip isn’t symetrical and kind of a monster to measure.? ANy help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Hey Aaron,

Hey, I’m glad you found the videos useful! Unfortunately, I sold the F-100, and don’t have it for measurements… I remember that there were two holes on the truck frame that were for bumpstops for the I-beam axle… you can use them as a reference point…

Did you verify the frame squareness prior to removing the original axle? If not, you’d be best to stop,and the aforementioned holes, along with … maybe… the cab mounting holes, or radiator mounting holes to triangulate and verify squareness.

As for reference points on the volare clip, yeah, it’s a weird stamping, isn’t it! :) If I remember correctly, you can use the upper a-arm mounts as reference points. Also, you should be able to use the actual spindle pivot points to get a left right centering, and with the frame reference points I mentioned, you should be able to get it aligned pretty closely as well.

The only thing I can’t remember is how to get the caster setting correct… it may have been the top of the a-arm mounts being level at ride height, but you’ll probably want to check around and verify…

Good luck! It’s a fun, and pretty easy (although nerve-wracking) modification to make… shoot me some photos when you’re done, I’d love to see it!


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