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A New Lustworthy Vehicle

We’ve gotten settled in down here in Texas over the past few months, and as my son is getting a bit older (although two years isn’t very old!), we’ve begun to enjoy playing together; trains, airplanes, and Hot Wheel cars are all fair game.

He has a little maroon pickup truck, that he got probably a year or so ago, that had a surfboard in the back (long since lost), and it’s the coolest looking, lowered truck I’ve seen lately. I just love playing with it, and watching the big chromed wheels spinning.

It’s a 1962 Chevy Custom, and reminds me of my Uncle Brad’s old truck. So, now that I’m in Texas, a glorious land where they do not use salt on the roads, and it’s warm 90% of the year, having a classic vehicle to drive every day is more of a possibility. I’m hoping that once we’re able to sell our house in Minnesota, and buy a new house down here in Texas, I’ll be able to get one of these 1962 Chevy trucks to customize, and make into a real-life Hot Wheel… with my personal touches, of course.

Here’s the illustration of it by Rob Matthes:

Custom 1962 Chevy Rob Matthes

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