Welcome to the World!


Over the past year, www.henrysrodshop.com has received visits from 116 countries, compared to 80 countries during 2007! It’s good to see that there are people with these common interests all over this big planet of ours. Maybe one day I can visit you, or you can visit me!

Oh, and I have an apology to Dennis, who called, and I have not called back… I would have loved to meet up with you, but didn’t get your message until later. If you’re in the area again, give me a call, hopefully it will work out this time.

Anyways, tell me where you’re from, and how you found the site, I’m very happy to hear from each, and every one of you… what your bike and hot rod projects are, and what you do for a living. I’ll post some of them here in the coming weeks.

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