[Sightings] 1944 Diamond T Model 509 S

1944 Diamond T Model 509 S

This past weekend I had to stop at Home Depot and pick up a new cordless drill and some woodworking supplies for an entertainment center project I’m starting on in my “spare time”. After loading up, I started driving out of the lot, and saw this Diamond T sitting there. I’m not certain it’s a 1948 or a Model 404, but after doing some research, that’s the closest match I’ve found. If you have a correction or know the owner, let me know!

This morning (4/23/2010) I got an email from Stuart Hungsberg, who built the truck pictured:

“I just happened on your picture of the Diamond T truck. Its a 1944 509 S , I should know I built it. They never made a 509 pick up; it has 8′ ford box sides and extra diamond T front fenders on the back. it sits on a 1/2 ton truck frame. I sold it to a guy about a year and a half ago, his name is Dale. Its good to see it on the net. Built by Stuart Hungsberg”

So there you have it!

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