Vintage Bicycle Inspiration

I’ve been bicycling most of my life (haven’t we all?)… riding BMX, freestyle, flatland, Mtn. Bikes with no/front/full suspension, and currently am riding a Trek that I’ve cobbled into a singlespeed (freewheel, not fixie… yet) ‘cross type bike. For the past several years I’ve wanted to build my own bicycle frame, but haven’t had the tools to do so (oxy/acetelene torch or TIG), but now that I have a TIG, I’d like to give it a shot!

After seeing this Excelsior Henderson race bike, I now had the inspriation to do so! I found a junk 70’s frame at my grandparent’s house for practice, and am hoping to get going on it once we get back from California in a couple weeks.

Here’s some more inspiration I came across from Zach Suhr for your perusal:


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  1. The frame on that bike has a different curve that makes it stand out a bit more. Is that the style you are going to try and make?

  2. My thought was to build a “simple” straight tubed frame for my first bike. It seems like the geometry calculations would be easier. But ideally, I’d like to build a nice curvy, swoopy cruiser bike, similar to the look of this one. Any opinions?


  3. Na I do not really have any ideas. Except to maybe try and make it how the top of the back wheel comes almost equal with the seat. I think that adds alot to the bicycle making it look more uneek.

  4. “the top of the back wheel comes almost equal with the seat” – exactly! For a cruiser style bike like this, I think that’s absolutely critical. It gives it that long, low, laid-back style…


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