Mirth, Wind and Fire

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I’m happy. We have about two weeks before we leave to visit my older brother Nathan and his girlfriend, Kristin in Atascadero, California! We’re going to be flying into San Francisco, then driving down, along the coast for part of the trip. The recent fires around Big Sur kinda threw a kink into the plan though, but we won’t be downhearted about missing that part, we’re just excited to checkout their new house, and spend some time with them.

I haven’t been doing any work on the truck lately, I’ve been enjoying my new bike, and working on a couple of websites, one I hope to finish up tonight, if not this morning!

This weekend, I hope to start working on building a utility trailer for hauling the lawn mower/4-wheeler/motorcycle/etc., and hope to have it done, or close to it before we leave. I am hoping when we get back we’ll have enough money left over to buy a nice-sized cedar swingset for the kids. We might end up going with treated (they don’t use arsenic anymore, so it’s a viable option), but I’d really like to use cedar.

Finally, I’m thinking about going back to school to work on getting my associates degree, eventually working towards my Bachelors in Computer Science. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but just haven’t had the initiative. Lately I’ve been very blah at work, so I want to find something to spur me on in my career.

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