A late night flight from Minnesota

I love the Minnesota summer, and have been enjoying our neighborhood outings, with Brandy on her leash, and Emmett in the stroller. Jess sometimes rides her bike. But I’ve been pretty stressed out at work lately, so I was very glad for a break which we are using to head out to Atascadero, California via San Francisco. My brother is the Director of Wine Making at EOS Estate Winery, and we are staying with him and Kristin at their beautiful new house.

We caught a Sun Country flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul to San Francisco on the 15th at about 10pm. We got into SF at about Midnight, and to the hotel by 1am (local time). We were wiped out tired, but Emmett and Jess were perfect on the plane. Jess really liked flying, and Emmett only fussed for a total of about one minute the whole time!

The problems began at the hotel. We checked in fine, and got to the room, but Emmett would not sleep for anything. He finally fell asleep around 2:30am, but woke up at about 4:30am. We got a total of two hours sleep, and then I went and got the rental car from the International airport.

I picked up the family in San Bruno, and then we set off on the 101 heading north; our route was up across the Golden Gate, then down highway 1 along the coast to Watsonville. Turning inland, we would head through Salinas, stopping to pickup a few baby necessities, and then continue down 101 to Atascadero.

It was unfortunate and awesome that the fog was in, and as thick as it was. It was absolutely gorgeous, but the shroud of fog was enough to keep the tops of the towers hidden. We went across, stopping at the scenic viewing area, and then turned heading south. Going across again, we managed a few photos, and then we paid the toll, and exited onto Highway 1.

To be continued…

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