Old photos.

My Maternal Grandmother’s 80th Birthday is coming up in September. As a part of the preparations, my parents have been going through boxes and albums of photos and scanning them. They sent a couple of them last night, and I thought I’d share, as we all like photos of old cars.

The first is my Grandmother pumping water in front of her parent’s house. The house was torn down back in the 80’s; the land it was on was purchased by a concrete and paving company, and is now a gravel pit.

Grandma Marilyn Pumping Water

The second photo is of my Grandparents together. I think the girl in the background is one of my Grandfather’s 12 siblings.

Grandma & Grandpa Donald and Marilyn Ramberg

The final photo is of my Mother and her younger brother, along with their dog Sam. I’m not sure what car is in the background… a Galaxy, perhaps?

Marsha & Donald Jr.

Anyways, I was just excited to see the photos, and thought I’d share.


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