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2005 Buell XB9SX CityX

Buell Motorcycles

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I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy working, working on website side-projects, and looking for a motorcycle. With gas prices being close to four dollars a gallon, the Jeep is really not the thing to be commuting with! So, we pretty much right off the bat liked the Buell Lightnings. We looked at V-Stroms, V-Stars, VTX1300s, GSXR1000s, and many other bikes, but kept coming back to the Buells.

Through the whole process, Michelle has been 110% on board, and seems to be as excited as I am about it. We just need to get her some safety gear now (Jacket, Helmet and Gloves, she bought new boots already), and we’ll be ready to go two-up across country… well, at least cross county for now.

We ran up to Duluth last weekend in search of a 2003 XB9S, but it had sold the night before. So, I found this 2005 on, and so we loaded up, and went to Cumberland, WI yesterday about noon to meet the owner, and take it for a spin.

The first thing I found out was that Emmett did NOT like the noise when I started it up… he started crying immediately! Poor kid! The next thing was that it’s very torque-y, and has far more power than any bike I’ve ridden before. Because of the short wheelbase and my height, I have to look down to see the gauges, or any part of the bike for that matter! It feels as though you are floating out in front of the bike.

Here are some photos of it, I’m sure I’ll post more about it soon, but Emmett is starting to fuss…

One comment to “2005 Buell XB9SX CityX”
One comment to “2005 Buell XB9SX CityX”
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