New Welder (again?)

I wrote a Yahoo Pipe a couple weeks ago to give me a data stream of welders on Craigslist in my area (see it here ) for use on my google homepage. I’ve been watching for a TIG to go for a decent price for about three years, so when I came across a Miller 330 A/B SP in Watertown, I jumped at it!!

After I verified it was what I was looking for and the price was right, I told the guy I’d take it and be down to pick it up Yesterday. About two hours later I found out it was Watertown… WISCONSIN!! Yikes. It was still a good deal, so I packed up and drove down to get it yesterday. Man, what a machine! It’s huge, and burly, and goes up to 460amps! I’ll hopefully have it hooked up this weekend, and will be able to start playing with it. Here are a couple photos the guy sent me… I haven’t taken any since I got it home, yet.

Miller 330 A/B SP Welder Miller 330 A/B SP Welder

It came with a big water cooler (the grey box on top), but I don’t think I’m going to use it… it just looks too gunked up with grime. I’ll maybe try cleaning it this spring, but I’ll probably look for a Bernard cooler online at some point.

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