Website Projects and Strollers

So since I’ve been building websites for fun and professionally for about fifteen years I tend to pick up side projects from time to time. I just finished up building my first Joomla template for Ramberg Excavating. I have sent it to Don for review, and unless there’s a huge flaw, I expect it to go live in a couple of days at: Here’s a sneak peek:

Ramberg Excavating Joomla Template

One of the reasons I do website projects is that it’s a fun change from my normal day managing a multi-million dollar ecommerce site, and coding SQL and Java all day. It allows me to flex my design skills, and be creative. The other reason is, it brings in some fun money for my truck project among other things.

However the “fun money” that is coming in right now is going to fun things like formula, diapers and our new stroller. That’s a great segway into the car show next weekend… it’s the O’Reilly World of Wheels at the St. Paul Rivercentre. I haven’t been to the WoWs for many years, so this year, we decided we’re going. Then we realized we need to buy a stroller so Emmett will be going to his first car show next weekend in a stylish blue “Patchwork Cows” stroller.

If you see two tired looking parents pushing a dark blue stroller, it’s probably Michelle and I.

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