Update – 20071204

We got another four or five inches of snow this afternoon, so I’ve been out plowing my neighbor and I out with the four wheeler, instead of working on the truck. Last night I finally got to really use the new welder, it’s slick! I chopped apart my old welder cart, and added six inches to it, along with a better cable rack. As I was tacking the cable rack into place, I ran out of wire, so I had to stop. I’ll finish it up in about ten minutes tomorrow or Thursday, then go back to the transmission mount, and then reworking the motor mounts (they are just too darned ugly!)

Hopefully Saturday or Sunday I’ll be able to get back to finishing boxing the front part of the frame, then I can wire up the motor, and give it a test fire!

One comment to “Update – 20071204”
One comment to “Update – 20071204”
  1. Making nice progress Ben. Hope you get to fire that engine soon. I’m a few weeks off from that myself. I got your front springs cleaned up and installed.


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