2007 Recap

2007 has been a great, exciting, disappointing, frustrating, wonderful year for me.

I’ve gotten a ton of work done on the truck, and also been frustrated and burnt out on it, not doing much of anything for six months. I’ve interviewed and been offered several new jobs, taking a promotion at Dennis Kirk, rather than switching to a different company. I’ve had numerous oral surgeries to remove my wisdom teeth, and due to lackluster dental insurance been forced to cancel our plans to build a deck.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in November and thought we lost the baby. We’re only a month away from having a newborn son, and I’m overloaded with website projects both at work, and on the side!

We’ve been to Nebraska twice with Jessica, once because we thought Dad was going to need heart surgery, and once to hang out. Jessica turned nine years old, and Grandpa Curtis turned 80.

2008 is going to be busy with the new guy, Michelle not working for several months will make money a little tight, but we’re looking forward to it. Maybe not the lack of sleep, but definitely being new parents.

Hope your new year is as happy, healthy and fun as we hope ours is!

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