Thanksgiving for a broken welder.


Thanksgiving this year was wonderful! My parents and younger brother and sister came up from Kearney, Nebraska, and my pseudo-brother Donghan who came up from Chattanooga, Tennessee to be with Michelle, Jess and I for lunch.

Michelle made a huge turkey, and all the fixings, and after dinner we sat around chatting, and feeling bloated. It was great!

This year, amongst the things I am thankful for are my Wife of just over one year, my daughter, and my soon to be born son. I am happy we decided I would stay working at Dennis Kirk, despite many frustrations, and I am thankful for how they have treated Michelle and I over the years. I could go on, but mostly we’ve really had it good, and I am thankful for that!

A broken welder.

I am also in a strange way thankful for my welder having broke this past Monday, as we decided to get a new, larger welder; a Lincoln 175HD which will have enough power to do chassis work, unlike my last little one.

The plan from here, once the new welder is delivered, is to continue getting the engine and transmission in, most likely I’ll be redesigning the motor mounts, because the ones I have are so ugly, I’m pretty embarrassed!

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