80 years.

Yesterday we celebrated my paternal Grandfather’s 80th birthday at the Covenant Church in Harris, MN. Family came from all over the country, and state, and I got to see many relatives I haven’t seen in ten or more years. It was really a great day, celebrating the life of a really good guy.

Fathoming 80 years of life, and all the memories, people, places, and experiences is beyond me.? Living during World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the current troubles, being alive to hear Glen Miller, watch the Moon race, and see three of his children and several of his grandchildren work in the computer industry, wow, what a life.

He has been married to my Grandmother for56 years, together raising six children, and 20 grandchildren. He has worked at home raising beef and dairy cattle, and driven truck all over the United States. He has helped me with various projects and hairbrained schemes too numerous (and embarrassing) to recount, and has the patience of a saint.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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