1st Wedding Anniversary and a Scare

This is copied from a post on the TraditionalsMN.org forum:

“So, you may or may not know, but today Michelle and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary! We left Friday to go up to a lodge north of the Split Rock Lighthouse, drove up through Wisconsin on some backroads, went through a couple towns I lived in when I was really little (Webster and Superior), etc. saw a ton of cool old cars rusting in fields, a couple of hot rods on the road, and a lot of 60’s and 70’s ex-work trucks just ripe to be built into hot rod trucks and shop trucks!

We had a really good time moseying up north, stopped a lot to look at things, and do some shopping. It was really refreshing to get away for a bit!

Anyways, yesterday morning we had a scare. Michelle is about seven months pregnant, and while I won’t get into details, we spent about ten hours in the pre-natal (or neo-natal?) intensive care unit at St. Mary’s Hospital in Duluth.

It turns out nothing is terribly wrong, Michelle is fine, the baby is fine, just had a bit of a scare, and we’ll have to watch it for the next three months. We decided to just come home early, so we’re close to our hospital, and the obstetrician who is familiar with Michelle’s special conditions.

Anyways, this is a hot rod forum, so what I’m getting to is that we had a heart-to-heart about the ’53 Ford truck that I’ve been building. We had a bunch of issues earlier this year so I haven’t really worked on it since late winter/early spring, and now am just getting back to it. So, since she may have to go on bed rest early, we’ve got to reduce our spending.

Some good things are coming out of this. Some of the “cool things” that I wanted to do are getting nix’ed in favor of spending less, and practicality. Things like I had wanted to put a T-5 trans in the truck. I have a perfectly good TH350 sitting next to the truck that I’m going to put in, instead. I won’t have to figure out clutch linkage, nor mess with another pedal, and Michelle will be able to drive it. We also decided to just use the stock rear suspension, doing a kickup over the rear axle, rather than putting a complete rear stub, or 4-link in.

We’re going to just run the 305 that’s in place right now, rather than buying a re-manufactured or crate motor, or holding out for a hemi.

I’d much, much rather be able to support my family than go into debt or broke on the truck… but I think the compromises we came up with will let us have a really fun truck, that is reliable, and functional faster than going the route I had planned out. “

I decided to just cut and paste the above here, since my thoughts this morning are pretty cloudy. Here are a couple of old photos to help inspire some progress!

1953 Minnesota License Plates 1953 Ford F-100 with Volare Clip