Our little boy.

Michelle and I have an awesome nine year-old daughter that we have a lot of fun with. She is just awesome, is very smiley, and has a ton (quite literally… I’ve weighed it!) of energy!! A couple of months back we found out we’re going to now have a little boy too!

What a way to make a guy really think through what he’s up to, and where he is headed in life! Being a step-dad was a pretty easy thing for me to do, but having one “of my own” is a whole ‘nother thing. Jessica was four when I met her for the first time… I can still remember, she kept wanting to sit between Michelle and I, which didn’t make cuddling with my new girlfriend very easy at all… now we’re going to have a little poop-monster, and start the whole parenting thing over again, how cool is that!

Anyways, I haven’t posted for quite some time as I’ve been very busy with several things, from my day job (I got a promotion, by the way) as Web Solutions Manager at Dennis Kirk, Inc., to my side project, Fast Edison, to going shopping for baby stuff, and buying slot car tracks online (don’t ask). I realized in the past week or so that I wanted to do something to give back to you hot-rodders that have happily answered my questions, and have come over to tell me and show me what I’m doing wrong, so look for some more info on that in the coming days.

Suffice it to say that I’ve got the new parent glow, and can’t imagine anything more exciting that bringing a new little kid into the world! Now, I just have to wait three more months… sigh.


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