First Aluminum Pour

Well, today I poured my first aluminum casting! It went really well, with the only problem being that it was kind of tough getting the burner tuned up well. I was having trouble with it sputtering, and realized it was because I had the burner tube pushed too far inside of the furnace.

Once I got that figured out, it took about eight to ten more minutes before we had melted aluminum! Wow, what a rush to pour what looks like silver paint into a mold! I am waiting on the mold and casting to cool right now, while I write this. I didn’t melt enough aluminum to fill the mold, but I should have a better idea of this whole process works once I do a few of these castings.

Here are some photos of me waiting (not so patiently) for the aluminum to melt, and a video of the aftermath.

Ben waiting for aluminum to melt Pouring the aluminum, and skimming the dross Pouring the aluminum, and skimming the dross

Tools of the trade Furnace after the first hi-temp burn First aluminum casting

dross in my crucible The first casting 1937 Ford Sedan, and wax form First aluminum casting