MN Rat Rods, Traditionals MN, and MHRA?

Wow… alot of activity this week as far as car clubs/groups go! I bought the domain, and tonite I loaded up Vanilla as a forum for the MN Rat Rods forum… Scott (Halverson… T-1 on the MNRatrods forum) and I are going to test it for a day or two, then if it works good, load it up live.

At the same time, another guy Adam is working on putting together a similar group called (for now?) MHRA. Sounds like he has a good plan, hopefully we’ll be able to join forces to do a better job of both organizing, and promoting traditional styled hot rods.

Back to work now… oh, and here’s a little picture of me being proud of my truck progress!

Me!? Tiny truck.

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