New Engine, trans, patch panels

This has been a fun week at home, and terrible at work! I fought with some server problems all week, and put in about 60 hours. Yuck. However, I got home from work on Tuesday, and my drivers cowl patch had arrived, then today, both the new (to me) small block chevy and Turbo 350 trans were delivered, and the big brown truck showed up packing my rear cab corner patches! Sweet!! I’m pretty excited to get started on all of this, first up is covering up the new engine, plugging it’s holes, etc. then I’ll start cutting the floor out of the truck.

Chevy Small Block, TH350

Oh, also, I stopped up to a buddy’s place and used his sheetmetal brake to bend up some rocker panel patches… mmmm, it’ll be sweet when the rust is gone!

IMG_0768.JPG IMG_0769.JPG IMG_0770.JPG


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