Bodywork. Drivers Front Cab Corner, and Floor

I started in on cutting out the rusty parts of the drivers front cab corner, and the driver’s floor today. It was kind of slow going, trying to get everything JUST how I wanted it before cutting… I braced up the cab so it wouldn’t twist horribly, and would keep the proper dimensions, first.

Then I jacked the cab up again, and changed where I was supporting it; instead of holding it up by the somewhat flimsy floor, which I was about to cut out, I propped it up by the cowl. It’s much better, because all of the weight is hanging from, rather than sitting on, a support.

IMG_0781.JPG IMG_0782.JPG IMG_0783.JPG

Here are some photos of the first little tiny patch panels going in. I thought I’d be able to rip right into putting the rocker into place, but it turned out that I needed to do some little patches first to be certain that I wouldn’t have trouble with the new patches having support, or things rusting out prematurely.

IMG_0785.JPG IMG_0784.JPG IMG_0787.JPG

Thank GOD for the autodarkening helmet. My welds are not perfect, but they are so much smaller than they were before I got one, that is saved me probably about 15 minutes of grinding!

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