Bodywork Begins… Sort of…

I finished taking the box off of the truck, and did some minor clean up on the bits and pieces left behind. It went alot smoother on the passenger side, than the first side went!

I got the gas tank taken out, ish, old gas smells BAD! Then I jacked up the drivers side of the cab, and started trying to get the door gap good. Once I got it close, I compared the measurement on the drivers and passengers side, and here’s where the “sort of” comes in… it’s about 1/2″ longer on the passenger side. Weird. Then I started looking at the door gaps… the front of the drivers door has almost no gap, but the back looks good. The passenger side front is a little tight, but looks pretty good, as does the passenger side rear door gap.

So, what’s the story? I’m not a bodyman… I’m hoping that someone on either the MNRatrods, or HAMB boards can help me out with a measurement. Maybe the passenger side has moved, but just looks pretty good? Any thoughts? Take a look at the photos, and you’ll see what I mean.

IMG_0780.JPG IMG_0779.JPG IMG_0778.JPG

IMG_0777.JPG IMG_0776.JPG

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