Mocked up Front Sheetmetal

I got a sunburn yesterday, oh yeah, and I mowed the yard… so I was able to spend today messing with the truck for a couple hours. Mostly I cleaned up and re-sorta-organized the garage, but I managed to get the front sheetmetal hung and see what it’s going to look like! I’ve never had the hood on, and this is the first time I’ve bolted any sheetmetal on since I tore it off last summer, so it’s definitely progressing. Mostly though, I wanted to have a photo for my computer desktop at work! Haha!

Anyhow, it’s definitely coming along… I’ve got all four wheels that I’ll be using (just have some junk tires in the front for rolling it around though), the front suspension is pretty close to being done, and I’m almost at the point of fabricating some engine and transmission mounts! I also have been talking to Michelle, and think that we’re going to be using the 305ci small block Chevy, instead of the 4.3liter V6 that I have been intending to use. It’ll make things easier in the long run, I think. We’ll see…

Here are a couple of photos:

IMG_0670.JPG IMG_0673.JPG IMG_0674.JPG
IMG_0675.JPG IMG_0676.JPG IMG_06831.JPG

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