Volare – HO!

I got the Volare (well, actually it’s out of an ’85 Dodge Diplomat… go figure) home, with a little help from a friend. I got out of work around noon, and he picked me up at home after I grabbed some lunch. He had along his one year old daughter, who is a little sweetie, and we shot over to West Cambridge Auto Salvage. The guys took the front end off, and had it ready for us in pretty short order… after they ate lunch . Anyhow, we got it home, and offloaded it with my cherry picker, and bolted some wheels on… backwards (see, I have some front wheel drive wheels, but they didn’t clear the a-arms… oh well).

Here are a couple of pics, I’m hoping to get the truck up on jackstands again this weekend, and start taking the front suspension off.

1985 Dodge Diplomat front suspension Volare clip in F-100 Volare clip in F-100 Volare clip in F-100

In the last photo, you can see just how much drop there is going to be with the new clip. It looks to me, like it’s going to be around 6″ before we get the smaller diameter wheels/tires, etc. Speaking of which, how much clearance do you need between the brake caliper and the inside of your wheel? I have about 1/4″ with the 14″ aluminum wheels Tuck gave me… (that he got from Mark Moriarity… who got them… ?).

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