Removing the old suspension…

I started removing the old suspension today… I had to do some chores around the house, and run some errands, so I didn’t get started until after lunch. I finished taking apart my front clip, test fit my radiator in the stock mount (it fits NICE!), and swept up my mess from the last few days of taking the front clip apart.

Based on some advice from the HAMB, I tried using a chisel and hammer to chop the rivet heads off, but it didn’t work so well… I then took my new (old) sawzall to them, and then ground them flush. Finally I used a punch, and a 2-1/2lbs sledgehammer to pop the rivets free.

I got both the front shocks unbolted, and one of their mounts free… I also got all of the correct fittings for the air hose, and chuck, etc. so now I just need an impact wrench! Haha! Otherwise, nothing new to report, just mowed some of the lawn, and picked and moved rocks (I live in a town called Rock Creek, remember? That name is NOT a lie!).

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