We got it lowered! I had flipped the rear axle a few weeks back, but hadn’t gotten tires mounted on the new rims, so I hadn’t been able to get it lowered to the ground until last night. Wow, it’s low. The rear bumper is about four inches off the ground… I think overall, it’s going to sit about seven inches below stock!

Lowered F-100 project

The next two photos show exactly how low it is… and the front hasn’t been dropped yet! I’m excited to see what the finished stance looks like!

Ben Carlson - 1953 Ford F-100 project

Michelle Gravdal - 1953 Ford F-100 freshly flipped rear axle

2 comments to “Lowered.”
2 comments to “Lowered.”
  1. ya know….I’ve never seen a truck as a tail dragger…..I’d almost go with it how it is now. Once the weight of the motor hit this, it might be just right.
    Looking GOOD!

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