Back pain, and leaf springs

Well, I stopped working on the truck about three weeks ago (and started again this past weekend, so don’t worry!), due to having some pretty severe back pain. I went to see the surgeon last week, and had an MRI. Everything is okay, but I have to take is pretty easy, since the disc that I had surgery on has collapsed. I went and continued working on the truck this past weekend, trying to get the new rear axle in place… I managed to FINALLY get the rear leaf spring hangers loose, and now I just have to drill out their mounting holes, as a few of the rivets are rusted into place.

I’m hoping to get back out there when it warms up, or this coming Saturday, whichever is first. Also, I stopped up to Tuck’s shop, and we discussed z-ing the front of my truck, to get it low. I think we’re going to trade some slave (me) labor for a few weekends, for the use of Tuck’s shop and tools, and his help, and knowledge. Sounds like a fun project to me… hopefully that’ll happen in the next six or eight weeks.

Anyways, that’s all the news worth reporting…

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