Too cold.

The last time I worked on the truck was after work on Valentine’s day. It was the last day above 10degrees fahrenheit. I don’t work well outside in the cold, even bundled up, because my face freezes, and my nose runs, and I spend more time wiping my nose than working. Plus, my breath fogs up the welding helmet, and safety face shield, so I can’t see what I’m doing, and then when you try to wipe it off, it’s either frozen, or your hand has a bunch of grease on it, so it gets dirtier yet! Ugh. Hurry up spring, I’m excited for you to show up!

Well, I don’t have photos, since it’s too cold to use the camera, but I pulled the old rear axle out of the truck, and have the new one ready to go. I’m getting excited to actually see some progress on this thing! Oh, and also, I’m looking into having some work shirts made with the ‘Henry’s Rod Shop’ logo on them, since it looks to be cheaper than buying them with S&S or Legend logos! Happy day.

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