Rear axle saga

I spent the morning and early afternoon working on the truck, despite the temp being below 20 degrees… After I get bundled up, and start doing stuff, I warm up quite quickly. Today, I spent more time working on getting things ready for the new rear axle… I thought it would be quite a bit easier than it has been, but mostly, the delays are due to it being an old truck and all of the fasteners being rusty.


I had forgotten to drill a locating hole in the u-bolt plate during my initial fabrication process, so I spent the time and did that today. Also, since I am planning on putting the axle on top of the springs, I need to drop the spring mounts in the rear. Well, that is a LOT easier said than done! I tried following the directions in the shop manual, but I can’t get the spring pin out, so I ground off the rivets holding the bracket to the frame, and even then I am having to pry it off!


So, here is how the truck sits today. I’m hoping I can spend some more time on it tomorrow.


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