New Rear axle, and lowering the rear of the F-100

Way back, before I had back surgery this past summer, I bought a Ford 8.8″ rear axle from a 2002 Ford Explorer. It has disc brakes, and is the correct width for the truck. Anyways, the spring perches were in the wrong spots, so I needed to cut them off, and put new ones on. I spent some time today chopping the old ones off, and getting the new ones modified to fit (the axle is 3.25″ diameter, and I could only find 3″ diameter perches). I also continued working on getting the old rear axle out of the truck, and figured out how to get the leaf springs disconnected, so as to make putting the new axle in easier.


I am quite proud of the u-bolt plates in the photo above… I managed to ruin my chop saw making them… ugh. I think I can just weld a bit of a ‘flange’ to the rear side, and then drill a hole, and use it for the shock mounting location.


I’ve got the truck up on four jackstands now, and it’s looking a bit rough… I also have all four bolts off of both sides of the rear axle u-bolts, but I can’t get the axle to drop!?!

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