MNRatrods group

Well, earlier this week, I agreed to take over the technical side of a Yahoo group, “MNRatRods“. You can read more about the phenomenon here, for better or worse. Some people are proud of being called a rat-rodder, some are offended. I guess I don’t really care for the title… but I digress.

As to this group, they had a get together this morning at Andy’s Garage in St. Paul.? Great burgers. I mean REALLY good burgers. And a pretty cool place. I met some cool folks, and have forgotten most of their names, sorry guys! I met the guy that started the group, Scott, and Paul from Paul’s Cages fame. Also, saw John who helped pull the van motor, and Roger from Roger’s rod shop in Forest Lake, MN… a bunch of others too.

I believe Scott’s intention was to start a car club, and I think that’s cool. I’m mostly just handling the technical side of the group, as I’m a computer guy, and many others are not.

Anyhow, Michelle and Jess went with, and had a good time too, hopefully we’ll get to do that more in the coming months, and hopefully at least once with the truck before snow flies!

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