The Van.

Back in mid 1999 I bought a 1985 Chevy 1/2 ton cargo van from Ryan Leaf. I was intending to use it to haul my racing motorcycles to the track. Anyways, work and life conspired to force me to use it as a daily driver for a couple years, and it worked great!

After I was done using it, I parked it, and ended up using it for storing motorcycle and other miscellaneous parts, at my Grandmother’s farm. I had trouble with my ‘K’ car at one point, and brought it back into service for a week, then it was relegated back to storage status.

This brings us to the present time. I got my hands on a cheap small block Chevy motor this past fall, and was thinking I would use it to power the truck, but after many discussions with Michelle, we realized that we should use the motor and 3speed manual transmission from the van in the truck!

I spent yesterday evening, and this evening out working on getting it running, and the tires aired up, for the seven (or so) mile drive home. All four tires seemed to be holding some amount of air when I left it this evening, and it was running good, and the brakes worked decent.

So, the project for tomorrow evening is going to be driving it home! Come Saturday morning, the truck will move temporarily out into the driveway, and the van will come inside to have it’s heart and soul plucked out! I’m getting excited! I also ordered up the motor mounts I’m going to use for it on Monday, and they should be delivered tomorrow.

Also, today one of the guys on the HAMB posted that he wanted a 305ci small block chevy motor from 1977-84, and so I was able to do a trade of the one I got this past fall for a couple of things. I think it’s a good deal for both of us! Here are a couple of pics, and a video (it’s REALLY dark) of it turning over:

IMG_0461.JPGIMG_0462.JPG2MB Engine Video

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