The Van is home!

Tonite, Michelle and I went to get the van. We used fix-a-flat on three of the tires, and had to jump start it. It did not bode well…

Despite this, we were able to drive it off the farm under it’s own power, and it even stopped… sort of… some of the time. We went the back roads, and it took about 20 minutes to get home, but we made it, safe, sound and with a bit of frostbite (the defrost wasn’t working, nor was the heat, so I had to drive with the windows down in order to keep the windshield from fogging up! At least it was above zero.

Anyhow, the van is home now, and parked in the driveway awaiting tomorrow morning, when we’ll push out the truck, and drive in the van, to remove it’s powerplant and transmission! Here are some photos:


The dog wanted to get in that last photo. Also, in case you are wondering, that is a Competition Engineering Sticker and a LNX (Linux) sticker in the window.


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