Rear axle, front fender mockup…

Well, tonite I was able to get both of the rear shocks unbolted, and loosened all eight u-bolt nuts so the rear axle is ready to come out. Now I just have to get the new u-bolts, etc. for the new rear axle, and cut off the miscellaneous brackets from the new rear axle, along with cleaning some of the rust off of it, before putting it in place, and tacking the new spring perches in place.


I also put the new drivers front fender in place… there are a few holes in it that I hadn’t noticed before, but for the price we paid, I’m not complaining, and either way, I can fix them easily enough.


I also removed and measured one of the factory motor mounts, so I can start designing and fabricating my new motor mounts. I’m thinking this will be fun. Tomorrow I’m hoping to run up to Pine City to pick up some 3/16″ and/or 1/4″ plate steel to make the mounts out of. I am planning on cutting them out, tacking them together, and having my uncle Don Ramberg, or Tuck weld them up for me.

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