Organizing and Regrouping

I spent the evening in the garage cleaning up after the engine pull… I hadn’t really had a chance since Sunday to do anything out there. The floor dry is working, but I put some more down, and hopefully that will pull the rest of the oil and coolant out of the concrete.


I was able to get things moved around so that I could get the truck pulled straight inside, rather than at an angle… this way it takes up MUCH less room. My next project is to make motor and transmission mounts, and do a trial run of installing the motor.

I introduced the engine to it’s new home… I think it’ll be happy.


On the Jalopy Journal message board, there is a post regarding workbenches… I think mine is pretty messy, yet very sturdy, and well built. It cost about $15 to build, and took about two hours.


Also, I’m going to put some pistons I have on the classifieds, I’m thinking someone can use them for shifter knobs. They are out of a Honda CB400 race bike, three of them are fine, but one of them had some issues:


One last thing… I forgot to take a photo of the steering column I pulled from the van. Here it is… it’s nice, no shifter, just a bare column with turn signal.


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