New rear axle

I started working on getting the new axle ready for installation today. I only worked for an hour or so before my last cut off wheel grew too short to use. I’ll have to get more, but I’m done for today… I have band practice later!

Anyhow, I got a little ways, and even did some cutting. Here is the old axle, still in place:


Here is a view of the relationship between the tire top and the fenderwell, and a jackstand for total height reference.


Here are some photos of the new 8.8″ ford axle, getting ready to start cleanup on it.


I’ve found a site that say I need a Spicer 2-2-1369 flange yoke (Inland Truck Parts $28.30) so that’s cool… I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for a yoke (other than going with a stock one) until I found that. Hopefully before this next weekend, I’ll have the new axle cleaned up a bit, and have the old leaf spring perches cut off.

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