Making a patch for the floor

Well, we have several rust holes, and spots on the truck, and so during the few days I had off before Christmas, I cut out a spot in the floor and fabricated a patch panel.

Here is a photo of the patch I made. I don’t own much for sheetmetal forming, so I used a couple pieces of angle iron, and some hammers and dollies to form this panel.


It ended up fitting really well, other than a little bit of distortion on the edges. I tacked it in place,


and then stopped, as I needed to get some clamps from Harbor Freight to suck the edges down flush. Michelle and I were down in the cities yesterday, so we stopped in and picked them up. They were significantly cheaper than the same thing at Eastwood. (eastwood: 4/$29.95, harbor freight: 8/$4.99)


This afternoon I’ll probably go out and finish the welding, after my nap :), using these clamps… I think they’ll work great!

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