Lowering the truck, rear end first

Last nite I was able to get the old rear axle loosened up, so today I decided to work on getting the U-bolts together, and U-bolt plates made, that I’ll use to put the new rear axle in the truck. I helped Michelle paint the entryway right away this morning, then about 8am or so, I wandered out to the car. I headed up to Pine City, and stopped at the parts store to get U-bolts… turns out they don’t have them catalogued, so I would have to go back home to measure them. But first, I went to Stan & Gene’s and got a four foot long chunk of 6″ x 1/4″ steel to make motor mounts, and the U-bolt plates out of.

I then went back home, played “Simon Says” with Jessie for a few minutes, then measured up the U-bolt size that I needed, and ran back to the parts store. Before going back home, I stopped out to Tuck’s shop? and picked his brain for a while about lowering the front end of the truck. I’ve pretty much decided on moving the front leaf springs from under the frame, to inside the frame. This will allow me to move them WAAAY down, much lower than either a mono/dearched/reverse eyed spring and drop axle.

Tuck and I talked about his really cool shoebox project (he calls it ‘Eve’), and about how he’s going to be able to get it to have some ability to raise and lower, based on driving conditions. Here are a couple of photos of Tuck and his car:


I also found that my rear axle came with a complete sway bar setup, so I’m going to figure out how to install that and get it to work, rather than buying a new one from Mid-Fifty… it only makes sense! :)

Hopefully tomorrow I can get started on removing the various unneeded brackets from the new axle, and get it ready to mock up in place. I’m pretty excited!

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