Floor patch, finished at long last!

Well, I finally got out in the garage and finished patching the floor. It’s not as perfect as I would have liked, but it’s pretty darned good for a home-made patch, and a first time patcher (me), so I’m satisfied. Also, I knew this would be probably the worst patch I’ll ever do, so I did the one spot you won’t ever see… under the seat. Here is the bare metal:

And here it is, with some primer (which probably won’t dry because it’s so cold out!):


Tomorrow, Michelle and I are going to go to Cambridge, and I’m going to get a 3M grinder wheel that people have been saying is really good for taking off paint. I might spend some time on the firewall, doing clean up, and getting the cab corners cleaned up, so I can figure out how to remove them, so I can patch them.

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