Floor patch, continued

I went out this afternoon and continued working on my floor patch. The clamps I bought yesterday worked great! The only problems I had stemmed from my less than stellar welding skills, and my cheap welder, namely burn-through in spots. Anyways, I burnt out two bulbs in the trouble light, one by dropping it, and the other by having it to close to where I was welding… some spatter landed on the bulb, and it blew a hole in it, and tripped the circuit breaker! Yikes!


Michelle came out, and took some photos of me working… I was under the truck putting the bottoms on the clamps here…


Here I am, welding too close to the trouble light:


And here is the nearly completed patch… I had blown out the last trouble light bulb in the house, so I’ll finish it up tomorrow evening… just wanted to take a photo of it.


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