Air Compressor

Ever since I bought this house, I’ve needed an air compressor. This past summer, I was at a garage sale, and got this one for $5.


But it didn’t work. In fact, the motor is bad (and missing parts), and the replacement motor is $280, so it would be cheaper to buy a brand new, complete compressor, than to fix this one!

This brings us to the present. I was reading the classifieds yesterday at lunch, and came across an ad for an “old industrial air compressor” for $50. I needed an air compressor, so I thought I would check it out. I called the guy, and turned out he was in Milaca. I ran over and after looking it over offered him $20 for it, we settled at $25. He had gotten it free, and there are no guarantees that it works, but it’s pretty cool looking, and it does turn over, so it’s hopeful.

If anyone has seen one like this before, speak up, I’d love to hear about the company, and history. Here is a copy of an ad from 1926… the one I have is from 1947, but they look surprisingly similar.

Here are photos of the one I have. It has a couple of gauges (hopefully they work, but if not, I have at least one air pressure gauge lying around) but the glass is broken on both of them.


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