1953 Ford F-100

Since I just installed new website software, let me get you caught up. Back in July of 2005, I was driving around, and happened to see this truck in a yard. I stopped chatted with the owner, and handed over some cash. I worked on getting it loaded on the trailer for two weekends, as it was sunk into the ground a fair ways.

I had some help from Michelle and her brother Josh, and finally got it home. It was mostly complete, but had quite a few rust holes. I spent a few weeks just thinking about it, and learning about options available, and finally decided to get started.

We used the four wheeler to tow it most of the way into the garage, and Michelle took this photo after we had it blocked in place.

I spent the next few weeks cleaning it up, and doing some basic dismantling. I removed the seat, heater core, some wiring, and the aftermarket turn signal from the interior.

And took off the front fenders from the outside. They had huge gaping holes in the front of the, so they will be replaced.
We managed to find a drivers side fender in decent shape on our way back from Brainerd for the ET Finals.

About this time, I started having very severe back pain, and lost the feeling in my left leg. I had an MRI, and X-Rays… met with a spine surgery specialist, and was scheduled to have surgery.

While I was on massive doses of pain pills, prior to surgery, I managed to collect a replacement rear axle, from a 2002 Ford Explorer, and some misc wheels and tires that fit it, and lift it into and out of the Jeep. I also bought an air compressor, and hauled that in and out of the Jeep, and mounted the tires on the rims, with lots of help from Jeff Tuckner.
After having surgery (I had a ‘Lumbar Sacral, Discectomy/Laminectomy on my L5-S1 disc for thos interested), I ended up being off of work, and/or working from home from the middle of September through the end of October. I was able to do alot of thinking and reading, and dreaming, and more thinking about the truck during that time, and found a few photos that are similar to what I want it to look like by the end of 2006.



During my time at home, my employer was kind enough to have a wireless, highspeed internet connection put in to my house. It runs at about T1 speed, and is pretty cool.

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